WaterGens are the Present, and are going to be a MUCH Bigger part of Our Tomorrows and Our Future!


Waterlife and Ecology has to be #1 Priority

WaterGen Tower Generators are Designed by Bryan Engineering WATERGEN Designs and has the answer to keep up with the many Tommorrows and Future Generations to come

The Trend Setting WATERGEN is the Answer..

What are WaterGens ?

A WaterGens are Water Current driven Electric Generator that produce many times more Electricity, using the same water current as the competitors use.

WiATERGENS are patented and can be designed for any Personal or Commercial Need and is Guaranteed to produce a minimum of 2xs more Electricity in the Non-Commercial Towers and a minimum of 6xs more Electricity in the Commercial Towers than Turbines can produce

The Commercial WaterGen Tower!


Commercial Use WaterGen;

Commercial WaterGens are designed for more Mass Production of Electricity than is produced by Single Generator Motor, Propeller driven Turbines. Present day Water Farms can now produce up to 700% more Renewable Energy!


Non-Commercial Use WaterGens

The Personal WaterGens are made in different sizes. Business, Residential, Offgrid, RVs and Boats, Camping and security


Residential Use WaterGens

The Resiential WaterGens are for small to large needs and can be designed for any special need or condition that you may have.


Offgrid Use WaterGens

Your OFFGRID needs are provided for in many different sizes.


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